CHAPTER IX: The Promised Land and the Democracy Bubble

Chapter Nine:
The Promised Land and the Democracy Bubble

9.1 The Banda Legacy
9.2 Denial of the Legacy
9.3 Truth and Justice
9.4 The Democracy Bubble
9.5 The Impact of the Banda Legacy on Youth

When considering the question “Should we remember?” it is very important to firstly ask, has any victim forgotten? Could they ever forget? Secondly we should ask, who wants to forget? Who benefits when all the atrocities stay silent in the past? (Roberto Cabrera – Guatemalan human rights activist Quoted in Richard Carver. (2000) “WHO WANTS TO FORGET?” Truth and Access to Information About Past Human Rights Violations, published by Article 19 – The Global Campaign for Free Expression, London)

We asked all our respondents what they thought of the Malawi of today and what legacies remain from the Banda era. Almost without exception, they were very critical of the political evolution over the last few years and ascribed the nation’s ills to the 30 year reign of Dr Banda. Most were very critical of the rehabilitation of Dr Banda’s image as a hero and saviour. Their comments speak for themselves.