CHAPTER I: Introduction

Chapter 1:

1.1     Introduction
1.2     Radical tradition
1.3     Banda as dictator
1.4     Complicity
1.5     Regionalism – Divide and Rule
1.6     The Promised Land and Democracy Bubble
1.7     Truth and justice
1.8     The book’s structure
1.9     Methodology
1.1     Lost Years?

Time and again in our interviews, our friends and collaborators told us how they felt forsaken and forgotten. It was a loss for the victims who suffered. It was also a loss to the country, because enormous talent and skills were wasted as were human lives. More frustrating for the victims is how the suffering they endured during their years of exile and detention has been lost in the romanticised memories that the country’s current rulers are selling of Dr Banda’s legacy. This loss of historical memory is unfathomable and unpardonable. By giving voice to what really happened we hope to restore a truthful account of the period and honour their loss.

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