CHAPTER V: Exile – Second and Third Generations

Chapter Five:
Exile – Second and Third Generations

Second Generation

5.1     Repression and Fear
5.2     Stigma and Discrimination
5.3     Safe Exit

Third Generation

5.4     Repression and Fear
5.5     Stigma and Discrimination
5.5     Political Opposition – New Political Culture

Why did many Malawians continue to flee the country long after the Cabinet Crisis? By the end of the 1960s, the internal opposition had been totally cowed and the culture of silence firmly implanted. Henry Chipembere had led a courageous resistance to the installation of the dictatorship following the Cabinet Crisis and after he left the country, his home district, Mangochi, was locked down and opponents either detained or exiled. In exile, the leaders were no longer united and with the death of Yatuta Chisiza in 1967, organised resistance literally dried up. In terms of security, there was no longer any need to continue the ferocious repression of the whole population.