CHAPTER VI: State of Terror – Suffering in Bitter Silence

Chapter Six:
State of Terror – Suffering in Bitter Silence

6.1 Victoria Sibanda
6.2 Kings Phiri
6.3 Lawrence Mwamalimu
6.4 Justin Malewezi
6.5 Traditional Leaders
6.6 Tujilane Chizumila

The full force of repression operated with the complicity of local elites and Western governments. The emphasis on stability, peace, discipline, order; the way the government was portrayed as efficient, moral, and clean; and, of course, Banda’s fierce anti-communism and commitment to the World Bank’s top-down development paradigm, meant that despite the excesses and despite what was known about the abuse of human rights, Western governments effectively turned a blind eye.
The people high and low who lived the experience could not afford that luxury. Fear permeated the landscape. Fear and silence were the operating principles for survival.