CHAPTER IV: Exile – The First Generation

Chapter 4:
Exile – The First Generation

4.1 Carson Kayuni
4.2 Escape
4.3 Conditions in Exile
4.4 Divisions in the Exile Community
4.5 The Children of Exile

No one ever planned to live a life in exile. They never contemplated leaving their homeland for which they had fought so valiantly. The struggle for national liberation was for all Malawians, but after Banda overthrew his Cabinet they felt that only a select few were being allowed to benefit. Many refugees believed they would return home very soon and, by their presence, coalesce the internal resentment to Dr Banda, thus creating enough pressure to force Dr Banda to leave the country to those who had done the heavy work in the nationalist years. Many of the people who took the places of the deposed Cabinet members had played very minor roles in the nationalist struggle. This doubly frustrated the exiles, many of whom were amongst the most talented and hard-working of the pre-independence leaders. Many suffered in bitterness and lost everything when they left the country. Some stayed jobless and others failed to continue schooling, which had been cut short by fleeing the country.